Lake of the Day

Every day I will try and feature a different lake in Saskatchewan. Some weeks there is a theme to the lakes, and sometimes it's random, but either way it's a great way to learn about new lakes or rediscover old favourites!

Got a favourite lake you'd like to see featured, just let me know!

Theme for Week of July 15th - Paddling!

This week we are featuring lakes that are great for paddling. Generally, these are smaller lakes, that are less busy, and are a great option for paddlers wanting to get out and enjoy our lakes!

Saskatchewan Rivers are world famous for their paddling, and deservedly so. That doesn't mean our lakes shouldn't get more credit though! The province has some truly massive lakes, but also thousands of smaller, easier-to-navigate lakes that are just waiting to be explored by canoe, kayak, and paddleboard!

Amiskowan Lake - Lake of the day for July 16, 2024

Amiskowan Lake is a long, skinny, tiny (44 acre) lake located in Prince Albert National Park. It is just south of Waskesiu Lake on the road to the Narrows. The name of the lake is Cree and means "Home of the beaver". When you are driving towards the Narrows on Waskesiu, you'll cross a bridge over what looks like a fairly small river. If you stop though you'll be in for a real treat. This little lake twists and turns providing lots of shelter from the wind, and great views of the Larches along the shore. The only way to really see the lake is to paddle it, and this is a great paddling lake. Small, calm, and pretty. It's a great option especially if Waskesiu Lake is too rough/busy for you. If you're feeling adventurous at some times in the year you can even paddle through the creek at the east side of the lake into Shady Lake. From Shady Lake, it's possible to continue to Beartrap Lake to camp. There is no parking lot for the lake, so you'll need to pull over and park on the side of the road. The [South Bay Beach]( at Waskesiu Lake is very close on the other side of the road if you need a washroom/garbage/picnic area. Or if not everyone wants to go for a paddle! There is a trail at the south end of the lake but it is no longer being maintained by the park.

Amiskowan Lake outline

Fur Lakes - Lake of the day for July 15, 2024

Fur Lake is really several connected lakes. It is officially called 'Fur Lakes'. Even though it's nearly 600 acres, that is spread across three lakes. Each lake is quite small. This makes them easy to navigate by canoe, kayak or paddleboard. This is a great paddling lake! There is public access on both the north and south lakes. The north launch is quite shallow with no dock but is suitable for paddlers and small boats. The south launch is a bit deeper with a dock but is still a sand launch and not suitable for all boats. There are cabins on both the north and south lakes as well as docks/private access from some of the surrounding farms. Fishing is popular on the lake, although has been reported as slower in recent years as the lake has increased in popularity.

Fur Lakes outline

Waskesiu Lake - Lake of the day for July 12, 2024

Waskesiu Lake is a huge, incredibly popular lake and the top tourist destination within the Prince Albert National Park. The park offices and resort village of Waskesiu are located on the east shore of the lake, featuring hotels, restaurants, a movie theatre, coffee shops, museums and much more. The lake itself features many beaches, multiple marinas/boat launches, kilometres of hiking trails, as well as hundreds of camping sites, cabins, and a golf course. The natural beauty of the lake and the huge number of services and attractions at the lake make it one of the most popular and busiest lakes in the province! The lake is accessible from both Highways 263 and 264. Highway 264 is a scenic highway and very popular with visitors passing many lakes and trails on the way to Waskesiu Lake.

Waskesiu Lake outline

Emerald Lake - Lake of the day for July 11, 2024

Emerald Lake is a small (228 acre), popular recreational lake located 86km W of Prince Albert. The Emerald Lake Regional Park is located at the south end of the lake. The park has campsites, a 9-hole golf course, a boat launch, a sandy beach, a sports pad, playgrounds, hiking trails, and a concession. The park is very well maintained with lots to explore for everyone. Many other lakes are in the immediate area, including Constance Lake (Stocked Trout) just outside the Regional Park, Iroquois Lake, Martins Lake, and Big Shell Lake.

Emerald Lake outline

Kimball Lake - Lake of the day for July 10, 2024

Kimball Lake is a very popular recreational lake in Meadow Lake Provincial Park 9km west of Greig Lake. There is a subdivision of cabins on the lake, a nice sandy beach, boat launch, store, and a campground. From the campground, there is an interpretive trail leading to Little Raspberry Lake. The lake is accessible from Highway 224 which passes the north shore of the lake.

Kimball Lake outline

Brightsand Lake - Lake of the day for July 9, 2024

Brightsand Lake is a popular recreational lake (11,235 acres) located 65km SSW of Meadow Lake (City) and 25km E of St. Walburg. Brightsand Lake Regional Park is located on the north end of the lake and features a golf course, restaurant, camping, beach, boat launch, trout pond and more. The Regional Park also has some of the best hiking trails I've ever seen in a Regional Park with some really well done interpretive signs. There are several other communities on the lake including Crystal Bay-Sunset, Evergreen Beach, Mowrey Beach, and Lakeshore Estates. The lake is accessible from Highways 795 and 796.

Brightsand Lake outline

Good Spirit Lake - Lake of the day for July 8, 2024

Good Spirit Lake is a massive (11,574 acre) recreational lake located 41km NNW of Yorkton. Good Spirit Lake Provincial Park borders the west and southern shores of the Lake. On the northeastern shore, there are several communities and resorts. The lake is known for its beautiful sandy beaches and well-developed Provincial Park. The park features over 200 campsites, a beautiful beach, picnic areas, a dog park, a boat launch, and hiking trails. One of the trails the Dune Discovery trail traverses sand dunes along the south shore. The south shore is accessible from Highway 229, and the north shore from Highway 651.

Good Spirit Lake outline

Exner Lake - Lake of the day for July 5, 2024

Exner Lake is a stocked trout lake located within the Makwa Lake Provincial Park. It was first stocked in 1992 and was last stocked in 2023 with 3,000 Tiger Trout Fingerlings. It is one of very few lakes in the province with Tiger Trout. The lake is accessible by a gravel road from near the Mewasin Campground on Jumbo Lake. Boats/Canoes cannot be left on the lake overnight, and no gas motors are allowed. Electric motors/paddles only. There is a large fishing dock located on the lake for shore fishing.

Exner Lake outline

Makwa Lake - Lake of the day for July 4, 2024

Makwa Lake is a huge (7,913 acre) recreational lake located just north and west of the Village of Loon Lake. There are two First Nations, two provincial parks and two communities on the Lake. The last battle of the North-West Resistance was fought at Steele Narrows on the lake. The site is now Steele Narrows Provincial Park. It was last stocked in 2023 with 500,000 Walleye Fry. Loon Lake and Pine Cove are accessible from Highway 26 running along the eastern shore. The central part of Makwa Provincial Park and and Steele Narrows Provincial Park are accessible from Highway 699 which follows the southern shore of the lake. The lake water levels on Makwa, Upper Makwa, Jumbo and Little Jumbo are controlled by a small dam managed by the Water Security Agency at the northeastern corner of the lake.

Makwa Lake outline

Jumbo Lake - Lake of the day for July 3, 2024

Jumbo Lake is a popular recreational lake at the heart of Makwa Lake Provincial Park. That features several beaches, multiple boat launches and hundreds of campsites. Makwa Lake Provincial Park surrounds the southern half of Jumbo Lake, while Makwa Lake 129B (Reserve) borders the northern half. The lake is just west of the Village of Loon Lake and is accessible from Highway 699.

Jumbo Lake outline

Peck Lake - Lake of the day for July 2, 2024

Peck Lake is a medium-sized (1,815 acre) recreational lake known for its bright, clear water popular for boating, fishing, and swimming. The lake is located 33km WSW of Loon Lake (Village) and 72km NNE of Lloydminster within Bronson Forest Recreation Site. The lake features a boat launch, campground, and beach, as well as a subdivision of cabins.

Peck Lake outline

Little Fishing Lake - Lake of the day for July 1, 2024

Little Fishing Lake is a medium sized (973 acre) recreational lake located within the Bronson Forest Recreation Site. It is 31km SW of Loon Lake (Village) and 71km NNE of Lloydminster. The lake has a campground, boat launch, and public beach. There are cabins at the lake within the hamlet of Little Fishing Lake. The lake is accessible from Highway 21. The lake is in the Monnery River drainage basin with a short stream connecting to the river from the western shore.

Little Fishing Lake outline