Boating in Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan is one of the premier boating destinations on the planet! The province has thousands of boatable lakes, as well as huge stretches of river to explore.

How to get your Pleasure Craft Operators Card in Saskatchewan

There are many different companies that will allow you to take the test and receive your PCOC. We've partnered with and you can support the site by getting you're license through them.

Rules and Regulations

Make sure you know all of the rules and regulations around boating here in Saskatchewan before you hit the water! There are rules for registering your boat, having a boating license (proof of competency), mandatory safety equipment, age/horsepower limits, speed limits and more.

Boat License

Do I need a boat license in Saskatchewan?

If you are operating a motorized pleasure craft for recreational purposes in Saskatchewan you do need a proof of competency. The most common proof of competency is a Pleasure Craft Operator Card.

If I am visiting Saskatchewan do I need a boat license?

If you are operating a pleasure craft licensed or registered in Canada, yes you do need to have a proof of competency. Canada does accept some operator cards from other states/countries but you'll need to verify that yours is accepted here.

If you are operating a pleasure craft not operated or registered in Canada, you will only need a proof of competency if you are in Canadian waters for more then 44 consecutive days.

More about the rules for foreign recreational boaters

Do indigenous people need a boat license in Saskatchewan

Although the restriction requiring a proof of competency does not apply when the pleasure craft is being used for daily living/subsistence (ie: hunting/fishing), if the motorized pleasure craft is used for recreational purposes then yes a boat license is required.

Where to go boating in Saskatchewan

There are wonderful lakes to explore just about anywhere in the province. Where you want to go will depend on what you want to do when you get there though! From fishing, to watersports, or just enjoying the cruise we have information about 5,948 lakes right here on

Some of the more popular boating lakes include Lake Diefenbaker, Last Mountain Lake, Candle Lake, Emma Lake and Christopher Lake.