Southern Fishing Zone

About Southern Fishing Zone

The Southern Fishing Zone contains most of the populated areas of Saskatchewan. Covering a whopping 75 million acres and containing 1459 lakes. Many of the most popular recreation lakes in the province are here in the south. Also, just because northern Saskatchewan is more popular with anglers from overseas and home to most of the fishing lodges, doesn't mean there aren't great fishing opportunities right here too!

Fishing in the Southern Fishing Zone

The fishing season within the Southern Fishing Zone is open from May 5, 2023 to March 31, 2024.

The following game fish can be found in the zone: Channel Catfish, Lake Trout, Largemouth Bass, Northern Pike, Perch, Rock Bass, Walleye and Whitefish.

Additional Restrictions

The following 103 water bodies with additional fishing restrictions in the Southern Fishing Zone.

Name Restriction
*Greenwater Lake - 4D
*Lake of the Prairies - 3D
*Marean Lake - 4D
Assiniboia Reservoir - C1
Battle Creek - 1A
  • Stocked Trout Limit 3, Only 1 Over 43 Cm
Bauman Reservoir - 2B
Bear Creek - 1A
  • Stocked Trout Limit 3, Only 1 Over 43 Cm
Belanger Creek - 1A
  • Stocked Trout Limit 3, Only 1 Over 43 Cm
Bell Pond - 4A
Big Jumbo Lake - 6A
  • Walleye Limit 3, Only 1 Over 55 Cm
Biggar Pond - 4B
Bill's Lake - 4D
Birch Lake - 1D
Blackstrap Reservoir - 3B
Boiler Creek - 1A
  • Stocked Trout Limit 3, Only 1 Over 43 Cm
Bone Creek - 1A
  • Stocked Trout Limit 3, Only 1 Over 43 Cm
Bradwell Reservoir - 3B
Brightwater Reservoir - 3B
Brightwater Creek - 3B
  • Creek Upstream From The West Boundary Of Sec. 21, Twp. 30, Rge. 4 Closed To Angling March 1 To May 14
Broderick Reservoir - 3B
Buffalo Pound Lake - 2C
Buffalo Pound Pond - 2C
Burton Lake - 4C
Calf Creek - 1A
  • Stocked Trout Limit 3, Only 1 Over 43 Cm
Caton Creek - 1A
  • Stocked Trout Limit 3, Only 1 Over 43 Cm
Chitek Lake - 5B
Chris Johnson Lake (Miracle) - 3D
Coal Pit - SPC - C - 1D
Condie Reservoir - 2C
Conglomerate Creek - 1A
  • Stocked Trout Limit 3, Only 1 Over 43 Cm
Constance Lake - 5B
Cowan River - 6B
  • River Section Between Cowan Dam And Highway 55 Centerline Closed To Angling April 1 To May 14
Cutknife Pond - 4A
David Laird Pond - 4A
Deer Lake - 5B
Dellwood Reservoir - 3C
Denzil Pond - 4A
Dr. Mainprize Pond - 1D
Eagle Creek Pond - 4B
Exner Lake - 6A
Fairwell Creek - 1A
  • Stocked Trout Limit 3, Only 1 Over 43 Cm
Fishing Lake - 3D
Five Mile Dam - 2A
Frenchman River - 1A
  • Stocked Trout Limit 3, Only 1 Over 43 Cm
Hay Meadow Creek - 1C
  • Stocked Trout Limit 2
Hudson Bay Pond - 4D
Iroquois Lake - 5B
Kerrobert Reservoir - 3A
Kipling Reservoir - 2D
Lady Lake - 4D
Lake Diefenbaker - 3B
Lake Diefenbaker Tailwaters - 3B
  • Stocked Trout Limit 1 On River Section Between Gardiner Dam And Enbridge Pipeline Crossing At 51°21° 106°59°
Last Mountain Lake - 3C
Lisieux Pond - 1C
Little Fishing Lake - 5A
Little Jackfish Lake - 3D
Little Jumbo Lake - 6A
  • Walleye Limit 3, Only 1 Over 55 Cm
Lloydminster Pond - 5A
Loch Leven - 1A
Lower Makwa Lake - 6A
  • Walleye Limit 3, Only 1 Over 55 Cm
Luseland Pond - 4A
Macklin Borrow Pit - 4A
Macklin Pond - 4A
Madge Lake - 3D
Maidstone Pond - 5A
Mantario Pond - 3A
Melfort Pond - 4C
Melville Reservoir - 2D
Ministikwin Lake - 5A
Moose Mountain Creek - 1D
  • Creek From Moose Mountain Lake To #361 Grid Road Bridge Closed To Angling April 1 To May 14
Moosomin Reservoir - 2D
Nesland Lake - 5B
Olson Lake - 5B
Oscar Creek - 4B
  • Stocked Trout Limit 2
Oyama Reservoir - 2C
Peck Lake - 5A
Picnic Lake - 5A
Pike Lake - 3B
Pine Cree Creek - 1A
  • Stocked Trout Limit 3, Only 1 Over 43 Cm
Poplar Ridge Lake - 5B
Rafferty Reservoir (McDonald Lake) - 1D
Redberry Pond - 4B
Reid Lake - 2A
Round Lake - 5A
Saskatoon Trout Pond - 4B
Scott Reservoir - 4A
Shuard Creek - 1A
  • Stocked Trout Limit 3, Only 1 Over 43 Cm
Smuts Lake - 4B
Steep Creek Pond - 5C
Steistol Lake - 4D
  • Stocked Trout, Open All Year
  • Boat Motors Prohibited
Sucker Creek - 1A
  • Stocked Trout Limit 3, Only 1 Over 43 Cm
Suffern Lake - 4A
Swift Current Creek - 1A
Swift Current Pond - 2B
Tisdale Borrow Pit - 4D
Tisdale Trout Pond - 4C
Upper Makwa Lake - 6A
Waldheim Pond - 4B
White Bear Reservoir - 2A
Wilson Lake - 3D
Wynard Reservoir - 3C
  • Stocked Trout, Open All Year
Yonker Lake - 4A
Zelma Reservoir - 3C


Lakes within the Southern Fishing Zone

There are 1459 lakes in the Southern Fishing Zone.

Abrey Lake
Acton Lake
Adams Lake
Adams Lake
Adamson Lake
Admiral Reservoir
Adolet Lake
Adrian Lake
Agnellice Lake
Ahrens Lake
Akerlund Lake
Albert Lake
Aletter Lake
Alexandra Lake
Alexandra Lake
Algol Lake
Alida Lake
Alioth Lake
Alkali Lake
Alkali Lake
Alkali Lake
Alkali Lakes
Allen Lake
Alloa Lake
Alma Lake
Alpine Lake
Alsask Lake
Alsask Reservoir
Altair Lake
Alterson Lake
Alton Lake
Alvena Lake
Anderson Lake
Andrews Lake
Anerley Lakes
Anerley Lakes
Anita Lake
Anna Lake
Annie Lake
Annie Laurie Lake
Antelope Lake
April Lake
Arbour Lakes
Arcturus Lake
Arm Lake
Arm River Reservoir
Armit Lake
Armstrong Lake
Armstrong Lake
Arn Lake
Arnfield Lake
Aroma Lake
Arps Lake
Art White Lake
Arthur Lake
Arthur Lake
Ashe Lake
Ashley Lake
Assiniboia Reservoir
Atton Lake
Auto Lake
Avonlea Reservoir
Axe Lake
Bad Lake
Badland Lake
Bainbridge Lake
Balloon Lake
Banda Lake
Bank Lake
Bankside Lake
Barber Lake
Barish Lake
Barlow Lake
Barnes Lake
Barns Lake
Barrier Lake
Barrot Lake
Basin Lake
Batchelor Lake
Batka Lake
Battle Coal Mine Strip
Battle Lake
Battrum Lake
Bauman Reservoir
Beacon Lake
Bead Lake
Bear Head Lake
Bear Lake
Beatrice Lake
Beaufield Lake
Beaver Lake
Beaver Lake
Beaverdam Lake
Bell Lake
Bell Trout Pond
Bell's Lake
Belliveau Lake
Bells Lake
Bender Lake
Bennet Lake
Bergot Lake
Bérubé Lake
Best Lake
Big Bear Lake
Big Chain Lake
Big Fort Lake
Big Gully Lakes
Big Gully Lakes
Big Marsh Lake
Big Muddy Lake
Big Quill Lake
Big Shell Lake
Big Valley Lake
Biggar Trout Pond
Bighorn Lake
Bigstick Lake
Bill Lake
Bill's Lake
Birch Creek Reservoir
Birch Island Lake
Birch Island Lakes
Birch Lake
Birch Lake
Birling Lake
Bitter Lake
Bitter Lake
Bittern Lake
Bjork Lake
Black Horse Lake
Black Jack Lake
Black Lake
Blacker Lake
Blackstrap Lake
Blackwater Lake
Blaine Lakes
Bland Lake
Bliss Lake
Blue Lake
Boa Lake
Bocskay Lake
Boggy Lake
Bolney Lake
Bonne Madone Lake
Bonneau Lake
Boomerang Lake
Boot Lake
Boucher Lake
Boulanoff Lake
Boulder Lake
Boulton Lake
Boundary Dam Reservoir
Boundary Lake
Bourgeault Lake
Bowden Lake
Bowerman Lake
Bowlby Lake
Braddock Lake
Braddock Reservoir
Bradwell Reservoir
Bramble Lakes
Branch Lake
Branta Lake
Bratt's Lake
Brice Lake
Bridge Lake
Brightsand Lake
Brightwater Lake
Brightwater Reservoir
Broderick Reservoir
Bronson Lake
Broughton Lake
Brown Hill Reservoir
Brownlee Lake
Browns Lake
Bruce Lakes
Bruno Lake
Brush Hill Lake
Bryans Lake
Buchanan Mill Pond
Buck Lake
Buck Lake
Buckmayer Lake
Buffalo Lake
Buffalo Pound Lake
Buffalo Pound Trout Pond
Buffer Lake
Bug Lake
Buggs Lakes
Bullkin Lake
Bulrush Lake
Bultel Lake
Bunting Lake
Burgess Lake
Burke Lake
Burley Reservoir
Burn Lake
Burness Lake
Burnett Lake
Burnett Trout Pond
Burnette Lake
Burton Lake
Bushy Lake
Busse Mine Strip
Buttermilk Lakes
Cabri Lake
Cabri Reservoir
Cache Lake
Cactus Lake
Cadot Lake
Cains Lake
Caldron Lake
Callaghan Lake
Cameron Lake
Camp Lake
Camp Lake
Camp Lake
Campbell Lake
Cann Lake
Cannington Lake
Carmen Lake
Caron Reservoir
Carps Lake
Casavant Lake
Case Lake
Castle Lakes
Castlewood Lake
Caswell Lake
Cat Lake
Cater Lake
Cayford Lake
Cecilia Lake
Cedoux Reservoir
Ceylon Reservoir
Chachkew Lake
Channel Lake
Chante Lake
Chapleau Lakes
Chaplin Lake
Charette Lake
Charles Lake
Charles Lake
Charron Lake
Chartier Lake
Chernoff Lake
Cherry Lake
Cherry Lake
Cheviot Lake
Chick Lake
Chimney Lake
Chinook Lake
Chisholm Lake
Chitek Lake
Chord Lake
Chris Johnson Lake
Church Lake
Chute Lake
Clair Lake
Clare Lake
Clark Lake
Clear Lake
Clearwater Lake
Clearwater Lake
Clearwater Lake
Cleland Reservoir
Coal Mine Lake
Coal Pit SPC-C
Code Lake
Codette Lake
Coldspring Lake
Coleman Lake
Collard Lake
Collie Lake
Colt Lake
Como Lake
Condie Reservoir
Connell Lake
Constance Lake
Constance Lake
Cook Lake
Cook Lake
Cookson Reservoir
Coon Lake
Coopers Lake
Cope Lake
Corner Lake
Corral Lake
Cosine Lake
Coteau Lake
Coulee Lake
Coutlee Lake
Cowan Lake
Cowan Lake
Coyote Lake
Coyote Lake
Crane Lake
Crane Lake
Crane Lake
Crawford Lake
Crescent Lake
Crescent Lake
Crook Lake
Crooked Lake
Crookshanks Lake
Crowfoot Lake
Crystal Beach Lake
Crystal Lake
Culdesac Lake
Cummings Lake
Curry Lakes
Cutarm Lake
Cutarm Lake
Cutbank Lake
Cutbank Lake
Cutknife Trout Pond
Cygnet Lake
Cygni Lake
Cypress Lake
D'Amour Lake
Dagg Lake
Dahl Lake
Dale Lake
Dana Salt Lake
Dancing Lake
Daniel Green/Russell Creek Reservoir
Darby Morin Lake
David Laird Trout Pond
Davidson Reservoir
Day Bird Lake
Day Star Lakes
Dead Lake
Deadman Lake
Deadmans Lake
Deadmoose Lake
Deadsteer Lake
Debus Lake
Deception Lake
Decorby Lake
Deditch Lake
Deep Lake
Deep Lake
Deep Water Lake
Deep Water Lake
Deer Lake
Deer Lake 2
Delaine Lake
Dell Lake
Dellwood Reservoir
Denys Lake
Denzil Trout
Dermody Lake
Deserter Lake
Devil's Lake
Devitt Lake
Dewey Lake
Dezou Lake
Dickson Lake
Dill Lakes
Dillberry Lake
Diver Lake
Dixon Lake
Doctor Lake
Dog Lake
Donald Lake
Doraetta Lake
Doreen Lake
Dormouse Lake
Doukhobor Lake
Downie Lake
Dr. Mainprize Trout Pond
Drake Lake
Driscol Lake
Dry Lake
Dryboro Lake
Duck Lake
Duck Lake
Duncairn Reservoir
Dunn Lake
Dutch Lake
Eagle Creek Trout Pond
Eagle Lake
Eagle Lake
Eaglehill Lake
Eagles Lake
Ear Lake
East Coteau Lake
East Twin Lake
East Two Island Lake
Eastend Reservoir
Ebel Lake
Eby Lake
Echo Lake
Echo Lake
Eden Lake
Edmunds Lakes
Edna Lake
Edouard Lake
Edward Lake
Edward Lake
Egg Lake
Eightmile Lake
Eins Lake
Ekapo Lake
Elbow Lake
Eldred Lake
Eldredge Lake
Elemer Lake
Elkona Lake
Ell Lake
Ellinor Lake
Elliot Lake
Elsey Lake
Elsie Lake
Emerald Lake
End Lake
Englishman Lake
Englund Lake
Enid Lake
Epp Lake
Errol Lake
Error Lakes
Eskwinagun Lakes
Ess Lake
Etaytakoos Lake
Ethmuir Lake
Etomami Lake
Evan Lake
Evelyn Lake
Exner Lake
Eyapawutik Lake
Eye Lake
Eyebrow Lake
Fafard Lake
Farewell Lake
Fast Lake
Fife Lake
Fire Lake
Fire Lake
Firhead Lake
Fish Lake
Fish Lake
Fishing Lake
Five Mile Dam
Five Mile Lake
Flat Lake
Flat Lake
Flat Lake
Flat Lake
Florence Lake
Foam Lake
Foam Lake
Ford Lake
Fortin Lake
Fowler Lake
Fox Lake
Fox Lake
Frame Lake
Frank Lake
Freda Lake
Frederick Lake
Freefight Lake
French Lake
Freshwater Lake
Freyling Lake
From Lake
Fulton Lake
Fur Lakes
Furgstrum Lake
Gagne Lake
Galician Lake
Galletly Lake
Gamache Lake
Gander Lake
Gara Lake
George Lake
George Lake
George Williams Lake
Gertrude Lake
Gibney Lake
Gilkey Lake
Gillatt Lake
Gillies Lake
Gillis Lake
Glascock Lake
Golden Lake
Good Spirit Lake
Goose Lake
Goose Lake
Goose Lake
Goose Lake
Goose Lake
Goose Lake
Gooseberry Lake
Gordon Lake
Gordon Lake
Gordon Lake
Gordon Lake
Gosling Lake
Gosselin Lake
Gotzwold Lake
Gould Lake
Gouverneur Reservoir
Grant Devine Lake
Grant Devine Reservoir
Grant Lake
Grass Lake
Grassy Lake
Grave Lake
Gravel Lake
Green Lake
Green Lake
Green Lake
Greenstreet Lake
Greenwater Lake
Grill Lake
Gull Lake
Gyp Lake
Hagerty Lake
Hallam Lake
Halliday Lake
Hallis Lake
Hamilton Lake
Hammond Lake
Handsome Lake
Harley Pond
Harold Lake
Harris Lake
Harris Reservoir
Harshey Lakes
Hassard Lake
Hawk Lake
Hawkins Lake
Hay Lake
Hazel Lake
Hazel Lake
Head Lake
Headquarters Lake
Hedley Lake
Helene Lake
Helldiver Lake
Hendrickson Lake
Henning Lake
Henry Lake
Herbert Reservoir
Heron Lake
Heron Lake
Herrick Low Lake
Heubach Lake
Hewett Lake
Hewitt Lake
Hibner Lake
Hicks Lake
Highbank Lake
Highfield Reservoir
Highland Lake
Hillmond Lake
Hines Lake
Hippon Lake
Hnatiw Lake
Hobie Lake
Holm Lake
Hoodoo Lake
Hoodoo Lakes
Hoppertown Lake
Horn Lake
Horner Lake
Horse Lake
Horse Lakes
Horsehead Lake
Horsehide Lake
Horseneck Lake
Horseshoe Lake
Horseshoe Lake
Horseshoe Lake
Horseshoe Lake
Houghton Lake
Howard Lake
Howe Lake
Hubbell Lake
Hudson Bay Borrow Pit
Hudson Bay Lake
Hudson Lake
Huff Lake
Humboldt Lake
Hungerford Lakes
Hunter Lake
Hunting Lake
Ibsen Lake
Idylwild Lake
Ignace Lake
Indi Lake
Indian Lake
Ingebrigt Lake
Iroquios lake
Iroquois Lake
Isbister Lake
Isbister Lake
Iskwao Lake
Island Lake
Island Lake
Island Lake
Island Lake
Ivy Lake
Jabe Lake
Jackfish Lake
Jackpot Lake
Jansen Lake
Jay Lake
Jaycee Lake
Jean Lake
Jim Creek Lake
Jim Lake
Jimmy Lake
Joe Lake
Johns Lake
Johnson Lake
Johnson Lake
Johnston's Mill Lake
Jolly Lake
Josephine Lake
Jumbo Lake
Jumping Lake
Junction Reservoir
Kabrud Lake
Kaposvar Lake
Karl Lake
Katepwa Lake
Kawakatoos Lake
Kay Lakes
Keg Lake
Kelly Lake
Kenney Lake
Kenosee Lake
Kenure Lake
Keppel Lake
Kerr Lake
Kerrobert Reservoir
Ketchemonia Lake
Ketchum Lake
Kettlehut Lake
Kidney Lake
kikiskitotawânawak iskwêwak Lakes
Killarney Lake
Killian Lake
Kimoff Lake
Kincaid Reservoir
Kindersley Lake
Kindersley Town Dam
Kinghorn Lake
Kinistino Lake
Kinloch Lake
Kinnaird Lake
Kinoosasis Lake
Kipabiskau Lake
Kipling Reservoir
Kipp Lake
Kippan Lake
Kirchoff Lake
Kirkham Lake
Kitako Lake
Kiyiu Lake
Klein Lake
Klogei Lake
Knutson Lake
Kornitsky Lake
Kotoss Lake
Kramer Lake
Kronau Reservoir
Kunz Lake
Kutawa Lake
Kutawagan Lake
Kwatapiu Lake
Labatte Lake
Lac au Radeau
Lac Chicot
Lac Chitac
Lac de Jonc
Lac des Joncs
Lac du Chemin
Lac Eauclaire
Lac Ernadene
Lac Huard
Lac La Course
Lac la Pêche
Lac Lezard
Lac Natal
Lac Pelletier
Lac Pellitier
Lac Vert
Lac Vert North
Ladebauche Lake
Lady Lake
Lady Lake
Lake Diefenbaker
Lake Luczka
Lake of Bays
Lake of the Narrows
Lake Of The Prairies
Lake of the Rivers
Lake Twelve
Lamb Lake
Lambert Lake
Landis Lake
Laroque Lake
Larsen Lake
Larsen Reservoir
Last Mountain Lake
Lawley Lake
Lawrence Lake
Laytons Lake
Leaf Lake
Lebret Lake
Leech Lake
Leier Lake
Leland Lake
Lemaire Lake
Lemoine Lake
Lennox Lake
Lenore Lake
Leon Lake
Lepine Lake
Leroy Lake
Leslie Lake
Letter Lake
Lewis Lake
Liggett Lake
Lightfoot Lake
Lilian Lake
Limit Lake
Lindeburgh Lake
Link Lake
Linstrum Lake
Lisieux Trout Pond
Little Chain Lake
Little Crooked Lake
Little Fish Lake
Little Fishing Lake
Little Fort Lake
Little Island Lake
Little Jackfish Lake
Little Kenosee Lake
Little Long Lake
Little Loon Lake
Little Manitou Lake
Little Manitou Lake
Little Moose Lake
Little Nut Lake
Little Pelican Lake
Little Quill Lake
Little Shell Lake
Little Tramping Lake
Little White Bear Lake
Little Whitefish Lake
Little Whitewood Lake
Lizard Lake
Lizard Lake
Lloydminster Trout Pond
Lobo Lakes
Lobstick Lake
Loch Leven
Loch Lomond
Loch Lomond
Lode Lake
Lodge Lake
Lone Pine Lake
Lone Tree Lake
Lonely Lake
Lonetree Lake
Lonetree Lake
Long Creek Reservoir
Long Lake
Long Lake
Long Lake
Long Lake
Long Lake
Long Lake
Long Whitefish Lake
Loon Creek Lake
Loon Lake
Loon Lakes
Loon Lakes
Lost Lake
Lost Trap Lake
Louis Lake
Lovatt Lake
Lovering Lakes
Low Lake
Low Lake
Lowther Lake
Lucien Lake
Luck Lake
Luse Lake
Luseland Trout Pond
Lybeck Lake
Lydden Lake
MacDonaugh Lake
MacKenzie Lake
Macklin Borrow Pit
Macklin Lake
Macklin Regional Park Trout Pond
Macleod Lake
MacMurchy Lake
Madge Lake
Maiden Lake
Maidstone Lake
Maidstone Trout Pond
Makaroff Lake
Makwa Lake
Mallard Lake
Malyas Lake
Malyk Lake
Manika Lake
Manitou Lake
Mann Lake
Mansell Lake
Mantario Trout Pond
Mantrap Lake
Many Island Lake
Maple Creek Trout Pond
Marder Lake
Marean Lake
Marg Lake
Margaret Lake
Margery Lake
Margo Lake
Marguerite Lake
Marie Lake
Marie Lake
Marion Lake
Marion Lake
Marjorie Lake
Mark Lake
Markham's Crater Lake
Marston Lake
Mart Lake
Martin Lake
Martins Lake
Martyns Lake
Maskwa Lake
Mason Lake
Mather Lake
Matts Lake
Maud Lake
Maude Lake
Max Lake
Maxwell Lakes
May Lake
Mayflower Lake
McArthur Lake
McBride Lake
McCallum Lake
McCaw Lake
McCulloch Lake
McDonald Lake
McDonald Lake
McDougal Lake
McDougald Reservoir
McFarlane Lake
McGrath Lake
McGurk Lake
McIntosh Lake
McIntyre Lake
McKinnon Lake
McKinnon Lake
McKnight Lake
Mclaren Lake
McLean Lake
McLellan Lake
McMillan Lake
McNab Lake
McOuat Lake
McPhail Lake
McRobb Lake
McSherry Lake
Meadow Lake
Meadow Lake
Meeting Lake
Mekin Lake
Melfort PFRA Reservoir
Melfort Town Reservoir
Melfort Trout Pond
Melville Town Reservoir
Memorial Lake
Menesachin Lake
Meridian Lake
Merner Lake
Meyers Lake
Meyers Lake
Michel Lake
Michnik Lake
Microbe Lake
Middle Creek Reservoir
Middle Lake
Midnight Lake
Midnight Lake
Midtskogen Lake
Mikinak Lake
Miko Lake
Milden Lake
Miller Lake
Miller Lake
Ministikwan Lake
Minnie Lake
Minnow Lake
Miora Lake
Mission Lake
Mission Lake
Mission Lake
Mistawasis Lake
Mitchell Lake
Mitt Lake
Mizhashk Lake
Moat Lake
Moens Lake
Moffat Lake
Mogalki Lake
Moller Lake
Molloy Lake
Monnery Lake
Montague Lake
Moon Lake
Moonshine Lake
Moore Lake
Moose Lake
Moose Lake
Moose Mountain Lake
Moosomin Lake
Moosomin Lake
Mooswuk Lake
Morin Lake
Morrison Lake
Morse Lake
Moss Lake
Mossdale Lake
Mostoos Lake
Motherwell Reservoir
Motz Lake
Movingstone Lake
Muckingham Lake
Mud Lake
Mud Lake
Mud Lake
Mud Lake
Muddy Lake
Mudhen Lake
Mudie Lake
Munns Lake
Murphy Lake
Murphy Lake
Murphy Lake
Murray Lake
Muscowequan Lake
Muskak Lake
Muskiki Lake
Muskrat Lake
Nadon Lake
Nakuchi Lake
Narrow Lake
Nayheyuw Lake
Neale Lake
Neely Lake
Neiber Lake
Nelson Lake
Nelson Lake
Nelson Lake
Neptune Lake
Nesdoly Lake
Nesland Lake
Nesset Lake
Newburn Lake
Newton Lake
Nichols Lake
Nickle Lake
Nikik Lake
Niska Lake
Nixon Lake
No Name
No Name
Noeth Lake
Noren Lake
Norona Lake
Nosamwokwu Lake
Notukeu Lake
Nupdal Lake
Nut Lake
Nystrom Lake
Nyuli Lake
Oak Lake
Oban Lake
Okemasis Lake
Old Witch Lake
Old Wives Lake
Oldman Lake
Olive Lake
Oliver Lake
Olivier Lake
Olson Lake
Olsons Lake
One Lake
Onion Lake
Oochoo Lake
Opuntia Lake
Orion Lake
Orley Lake
Oro Lake
Oscar Lake
Oswell Lake
Otter Lake
Otter Lake
Otto Lake
Outarde Lake
Overflow Lake
Overland Lake
Oyama Reservoir
Ozmans Lake
Paddling Lake
Painter Lake
Palisade Lake
Pankoski Lake
Pappenfus Lake
Parkbeg Reservoir
Parker Lake
Parr Hill Lake
Partridge Lake
Pasqua Lake
Paterson Lake
Patience Lake
Patterson Lake
Pattison Lake
Paul Lake
Pawlitza Lake
Payn Lake
Paysen (Horfield) Lake
Peacard Lake
Pearce Lake
Pearce Lake
Pearl Lake
Pebble Lake
Peck Lake
Pedersen Lake
Pekakumew Lakes
Pelican Lake
Pelican Lake
Pelletier Lake
Pentland Lake
Pentland Lake
Peonan Lake
Pepaw Lake
Perch Lake
Perch Lake
Perch Lake
Perch Lake
Perdue Lake
Perrin Dam
Perrin Lakes
Perry Lake
Petallen Lake
Peter Lake
Peterson Lake
Peterson Lake
Phillis Lake
Pickel Lake
Picnic Lake
Pig Lake
Pike Lake
Pinacie Lake
Pingwi Lake
Pipe Lake
Pipestone Lake
Pitch Lake
Pitihkwakew Lake
Piwei Lakes
Plover Lake
Pocket Lake
Point Lake
Polaris Lake
Polosa Lake
Ponass Lakes
Poorman Lake
Poplar Ridge Lake
Porter Lake
Possum Lake
Posthumus Lake
Postnikoff Lake
Potts Lake
Potts Lake
Prairie View Lake
Pratt Lake
Prince Lake
Pritchard Lake
Proctor Lake
Prokopschuk Lake
Prost Lake
Prouse Lake
Rabbit Foot Lake
Rabbit Lake
Rabbit Lake
Radisson Lake
Radville Reservoir
Rafferty Reservoir (McDonald Lake)
Rama C.N.R Reservoir
Ranch Lake
Raspberry Lake
Rat Lake
Rat Lake
Raven Lake
Ravina Lake
Red Deer Lake
Red Goose Lake
Red Lake
Redberry Lake
Redberry Trout Pond
Redfox Lake
Reed Lake
Reed Lake
Reed Lakes
Reedy Lake
Reflex Lakes
Reflex Lakes
Reid Lake
Reilly Lake
Rempel Lake
Reserve Lake
Reshow Lake
Rhein Lake
Rhona Lake
Rice Lake
Rice Lake
Richmond Lake
Riley Lake
Rivard Lake
Rivière Saskatchewan Sud
Roberts Lake
Robinson Lake
Rock Island Lake
Rock Island Lake
Rock Lake
Rock Lake
Rocky Lake
Roddick Lake
Roe Lake
Rogal Lake
Rolling Plains Lake
Roscoe Lake
Rose Lake
Ross Lake
Ross Lake
Roth Lake
Round Lake
Round Lake
Round Lake
Rousay Lake
Roy Lake
Roy Lake
Royal Lake
Ruby Lake
Ruby Lake
Rundle Lake
Rupert Lake
Rush Lake
Rush Lake
Russell Lake
Russell Lake
Saginas Lake
Sakwasew Lake
Salinaty Lake
Saline Lake
Salkeld Lake
Salt Lake
Salt Lake
Salt Lake
Salt Lake
Salt Lake
Sandoff Lake
Sandy Beach Lake
Sandy Lake
Sandy Lake
Sandybeach Lake
Saskatoon Trout Pond
Savard Lake
Sayer Lake
Scandinavian Lake
Scentgrass Lake
Schlosser Lake
Schmidt Lake
Schmitz Lake
Scott and Ray Lake
Scott Lake
Scott Lakes
Scott Reservoir
Scottie Lake
Scout Lake
Scrub Lake
Seagram Lakes
Seargeant Lake
Seer Lake
Selby Lake
Selwood Lake
Semans Reservoir
Semple Lake
Senlac Lake
Shallow Lake
Shallow Lake
Shannon Lake
Sharp Lake
Sheasby Lake
Sheho Lake
Shell Lake
Shell Lake
Shellmouth Reservoir
Shenigan Lake
Sheppard Sloughs
Sherlock Lake
Shillingthorpe Lake
Shoe Lake
Shrimp Lake
Shutte Lake
Shuwapss Lake
Siba Lake
Sibbald Lake
Sidney Lake
Sidney Lake
Silver Lake
Silver Lake
Silver Lake
Silver Lake
Simpson Lake
Sink Lakes
Six Mile Lake
Skeeboss Lake
Skeleton Lake
Skinner Lake
Skull Lake
Skyeta Lake
Slater Lake
Smallfish Lake
Smith Lake
Smith Lake
Smuts Lake
Snakehole Lake
Snipe Lake
Sob Lake
Soda Lake
Soda Lake
Soda Lake
Solberg Lake
South Gate Lake
Spafford Lake
SPC Pond G
SPC Spoilpit B
Spence Lake
Spider Lake
Spirit Lake
Spitser Lake
Spring Lake
Spring Lake
Spring Lakes
Springwater Lake
Sproule Lake
Spruce Lake
Spruce Lake
St. Brieux Lake
St. Elmo Lake
Stanley Lake
Stark Lake
Steep Creek Trout Pond
Steiestol Lake
Stevenson Lake
Stevenson Reservoir
Stewart Lake
Stewarts Lake
Stick Lake
Stiles Lake
Stink Lake
Stinking Lakes
Stirrup Lake
Stockwell Lake
Stonewall Lake
Stoney Lake
Stony Beach Lake
Stony Lake
Stony Lake
Stove Lake
Strands Lake
Strap Lake
Strawberry Lakes
Street Lake
Strehlow Pond
Strike Lake
Stringer Lake
Struthers Lake
Stump Lake
Suffern Lake
Summer Cove Lake
Summercove Reservoir
Sunny Lake
Sunset Lake
Surprise Lake
Swallow Lake
Swamp Lake
Sweeney Lake
Swift Current Creek
Swift Current Trout Pond
Swon Lake
Sybouts Lake
Syd Lake
Sykes Lake
Sylvander Lake
Symons Lake
Taits Lake
Tank Lake
Tatagwa Lake
Tauri Lake
Taylor Lake
Tenaille Lake
Tennant Lake
Teo Lakes
Tepee Lake
Thackeray Lake
The Fishing Lakes
The Weir
Theodore Reservoir
Thirty Lake
Thompson Lake
Thompson Lakes
Thomson Lake
Three Islands Lake
Tilney Reservoir
Tisdale Borrow Pit
Tisdale Trout Pond
Toboggan Lake
Tomman Lake
Touchwood Lake
Townsend Lake
Tracey Lake
Trail Lake
Tramping Lake
Trickett Lake
Tucker Lake
Tulibee Lake
Turnberry Lake
Turner Lake
Turtle Lake
Tway Lake
Twelve Mile Lake
Twin Lake
Twin Lakes
Twin Lakes
Twin Lakes
Twin Lakes
Twin Lakes
Twinbay Lake
Unwin Lake
Upper Makwa Lake
Usinneskaw Lake
Utai Lake
Van Lake
Van Scoy Lake
Vanderlinde Lake
Vanzance Lake
Vega Lake
Veilleux Lake
Victor Lake
Vier Lake
Vincent Lake
Virgil Lake
Virgin Lake
Vonda Lake
Wading Eagle Lake
Wakaw Lake
Waldheim Trout Pond
Waldsea Lake
Wampos Lake
Wapsim Lake
Warner Lake
Warren Lake
Wascana Lake
Wascana Lake
Watson Lake
Watson Reservoir
Wawgaw Lake
Weatherald Lake
Weekes Reservoir
Weicker Lake
Weir Lake
Weixl Lake
Weld Lake
Weldon Lake
Wellington Lake
Wells Lake
Wells Lake
West Coteau Lake
West Twin Lake
West Two Island Lake
Westin Lake
White Bear (Carlyle) Lake
White Bear Reservoir
White Heron Lake
White Lake
White Lake
White Lake
White Lake
Whitebear Lake
Whitehill Lakes
Whitehood Lake
Whitesand Lake
Whiteshore Lake
Whitetail Lake
Whitewood Lake
Willie Lake
Willow Bunch Lake
Willow Lake
Willows Reservoir
Wilson Lake
Wilson Lake
Wilson Lake
Wind Lake
Windigo Lake
Windsor Lake
Windy Lake
Wing Lake
Winniford Lake
Winona Lake
Winterhaldt Lake
Wishtikan Lake
Witchekan Lake
Witches Lake
Witouche Lake
Wolf Lake
Wolf Lake
Wolfhide Lake
Wolverine Creek Reservoir
Wolverine Lake
Wolverine Lake
Woodhead Lake
Woodland Lake
Woods Lake
Woody Lake
Woody Lake
Worthington Lake
Wright Lake
Wynyard Reservoir
Yakowiskaw Lake
Yankee Lake
Yellow Lake
Yellowsnake Lake
Yonker Lake
Yonkman Lake
York Lake
Yorkton Trout Pond
Youell Lake
Young Lake
Young Loon Lake
Zapfe Lake
Zella Lake
Zelma Reservoir
Zeno Lake
Zoller Lake