Prince Albert National Park


The Prince Albert National Park is located in central Saskatchewan, covering nearly a million acres.

Lakes in Prince Albert National Park

Prince Albert National Park is home to some gorgeous lakes that attract visitors from around the world every year. Many of these lakes, like Waskesiu, Kingsmere, Crean and Ajawaan have names that will be familiar to people across Canada and around the world.

According to the park website, there are over 1,500 lakes within Prince Albert National Park. We have only been able to find records for 83 of these lakes. The rest are most likely small and unnamed. Many of these lakes are relatively inaccessible with no road access requiring either a float plane, canoe, hiking, or some combination of these to access.

Waskesiu Lake

Waskesiu Lake is the most well know lake in the park as well has having the most services and being the easiest to access. Thousands flock to Waskesiu Lake every year. Looking to camp, hike, paddle, swim, and enjoy the hustle and bustle of the townsite.

Kingsmere Lake

Kingsmere is a popular fishing, canoeing, and hiking destination in its own right. but is also used as a transit to Ajawaan Lake.

Ajawaan Lake

Although a smaller and more difficult to get to lake. Ajawaan Lake is famous as the location of Grey Owl's Cabin

Crean Lake

Crean Lake is the largest lake within Prince Albert National Park. It is only accessible by water (through the Hanging Heart Lakes) or by trail (19km out and back).

Fishing in Prince Albert National Park

Everyone fishing in PA National Park requires a valid Prince Albert National Park fishing permit. If you are under 16 years old you can either purchase a permit or accompany another permit holder who is 16 or older (If you don't purchase your own permit then the fish in your possession will count toward the permit holder's limit).

Prince Albert National Park fishing permits can be purchased at the Visitor Centre, entry gates, campground kiosks, and the marinas.

We've done our best to summarize the rules/regulations for fishing in the National Park but please refer to the official Parks Canada website for the most up to date information.

Fishing Permit Price


Fishing Season in Prince Albert National Park

Lake Species Season Dates
Waskesiu Lake All Species Victoria Day to March 31
Kingsmere Lake and Wassegam Lake All Species Victoria Day to Labour Day
Crean Lake All Species except lake trout Victoria Day to Labour Day
All other Waters (except closed waters) All Species Victoria Day to September 30

Closed Waters

The following lakes and waters are closed to fishing in Prince Albert National Park:

  • First Hanging Heart Lake (Most easterly)
  • Waskesiu River
  • Mud Creek
  • Amiskowan Lake
  • Kapasiwin Creek
  • Kingsemere River between Kingsmere Lake and Waskesiu Lake
  • Closed to fishing within 500 metres of the following:
    • Outlet of Mud Creek into Waskesiu Lake
    • Outlet of Kingsmere River into Waskesiu Lake
    • Outlet of Kapasiwin Creek into Sandy Lake
    • Clare Point on Kingsmere Lake
  • Fishing is not permitted from boating docks at the Heart Lakes, Narrows, or the Main Marina on Waskeisu Lake
  • Some closed areas are marked by buoys, but even when bouys are not present it is still illegal to fish in these areas

Daily Limit/Possession Limit in Prince Albert National Park

Species Limit
Northern Pike 3
Walleye 2
Lake Trout 1 (Yearly limit of 2)
Whitefish 5
Yellow Perch 5
Total limit for all game fish 5

If the fish has been filleted, two fillets are considered one fish. Unless the body is shown, every fillet will be treated as coming from a game fish.

Additional lake trout regulations

There are additional restrictions for Lake Trout in Prince Albert National Park.

  • If you are fishing for Lake Trout you need to obtain a Lake Trout tag from the Visitor Centre or at the South Gate. Make sure to follow all instructions on the catch report card.
  • There is an annual catch limit of two lake trout per year/person.


Lakes in Prince Albert National Park

There are 84 lakes in Prince Albert National Park

How to get to Prince Albert National Park