Lake of the Day

Today's featured lake is Amiskowan Lake.

Amiskowan Lake is a long, skinny, tiny (44 acre) lake located in Prince Albert National Park.

It is just south of Waskesiu Lake on the road to the Narrows. The name of the lake is Cree and means "Home of the beaver".

When you are driving towards the Narrows on Waskesiu, you'll cross a bridge over what looks like a fairly small river. If you stop though you'll be in for a real treat. This little lake twists and turns providing lots of shelter from the wind, and great views of the Larches along the shore. The only way to really see the lake is to paddle it, and this is a great paddling lake. Small, calm, and pretty. It's a great option especially if Waskesiu Lake is too rough/busy for you.

If you're feeling adventurous at some times in the year you can even paddle through the creek at the east side of the lake into Shady Lake. From Shady Lake, it's possible to continue to Beartrap Lake to camp.

There is no parking lot for the lake, so you'll need to pull over and park on the side of the road. The South Bay Beach at Waskesiu Lake is very close on the other side of the road if you need a washroom/garbage/picnic area. Or if not everyone wants to go for a paddle!

There is a trail at the south end of the lake but it is no longer being maintained by the park.

Map of Amiskowan Lake outline
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It's been a good start to the summer with a lot of progress on the site. I've made a number of technical improvements as well as added new features and new content. I also managed to do quite a few trips to new lakes. I've added hundreds of photos, lots of new lake attractions, and tons of new content to the site.

Late September trip to Meadow Lake Provincial Park

I closed off September with a quick trip up to the Meadow Lake Provincial Park. I was able to sneak in on the last two days that the Greig Lake Campground was open. I haven't been to the park in years, and even then have only visited a handful of the many lakes that are available.