Candle Lake

Candle Lake is a popular destination for tourists and locals alike in Saskatchewan, Canada. Candle Lake has a surface area of 32.8 square kilometres and a maximum depth of 17.7 meters. It is home to a variety of fish species, such as walleye, northern pike, perch, and whitefish. The lake also offers many recreational activities throughout the year, such as boating, fishing, swimming, hiking, golfing, snowmobiling, and cross-country skiing. Whether you are looking for a relaxing getaway or an adventurous vacation, Candle Lake has something for everyone.

Candle Lake is an incredibly popular destination for tourists, as well as boasting a sizable year round population. There is a wide-range of services available at the lake.

There are 2 parks near Candle Lake. Candle Lake Provincial Park and Waskateena Beach Recreation Site.

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Things to do at Candle Lake

Candle Lake is a popular recreation destination with fishing, camping, boating, cabins, golfing, swimming, resorts & cabin rentals, and much more available!

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Candle Lake is a popular fishing destination. Burbot, Longnose Sucker, Northern Pike, Walleye, White Sucker and Whitefish are found in the lake.

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Camping is a popular activity at Candle Lake.

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Swimming is a popular activity at Candle Lake.

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Explore Candle Lake

Explore the amenities and activities available at Candle Lake.

About Candle Lake

The lake was officially named on 1924-03-31.

Bays on Candle Lake

There are 2 bays on Candle Lake.

  • Berezowsky Bay (Surface Area: 71 acres)
  • Hanson Bay (Surface Area: 256 acres)

Islands on Candle Lake

There are 1 islands on Candle Lake.

  • Curly Islands (Surface Area: 38 acres)

Activities at Candle Lake

Fishing at Candle Lake

Candle Lake is in the central fishing zone.

Available Species

Burbot, Longnose Sucker, Northern Pike, Walleye, White Sucker and Whitefish can be found in Candle Lake. Learn all about fishing in Saskatchewan here.

Additional Restrictions:

Fishing Season

Fishing season on Candle Lake is open from May 15, 2023 to March 31, 2024.

Additional Restrictions:

Fishing Limits for Candle Lake

These are the limits for all fish species reported to be in Candle Lake. All fishing limits for Saskatchewan.
Species Limit
Burbot Limit 8
Northern Pike Limit 5, only one may exceed 75 cm
Whitefish Limit 8
Walleye/Sauger/Saugeye Limit 3, Only 1 Over 50 Cm (Custom limit for Candle Lake)

Camping at Candle Lake

Camping is a popular activity at Candle Lake.

Resorts & Cabin Rentals at Candle Lake

Attractions at Candle Lake

Candle Lake Provincial Park

Waskateena Beach Recreation Site

Waskateena Beach Recreation Site is located at Candle Lake.

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Sandy Bay Campground


Phone: (306) 929-8400


Open May long weekend to Sep 30. ​​

Located at: 53.8009912,-105.3381277

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Minowukaw Campground

Beach Entrance Campground

This campground is within the Candle Lake Provincial Park. A Provincial Park pass is required to enter. There is a long, sandy beach, boat launch, playground, and plenty of campsites.

Phone: 306-929-8409 306-929-8400 1-800-205-7070


Open May long weekend to Sep 30.

Located at: 53.77667779999999,-105.1584841

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Minowukaw Boat Launch

Boat Launch

Located at: 53.77853719914028,-105.161324592688

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Nobles Point Boat Launch

Boat Launch

Located at: 53.77323329999999,-105.2522438

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Waskateena Beach


Located at: 53.74925020000001,-105.2635114

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Minowukaw Beach


Located at: 53.778024,-105.158564

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Purple Sands Beach

No road access Beach

This beach with rare purple sand is only accessible by water.

Located at: 53.868769395664614,-105.26866904678961

Candle Lake Airpark


Located at: 53.76836609999999,-105.3078644

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Candlewood Cove Marina


Phone: (306) 931-2249


Located at: 53.7608487,-105.1784765

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Harbour View Marina & RV Park


Phone: (306) 227-3748


Located at: 53.7479302,-105.2745297

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Enchanted Harbor Marina


Located at: 53.7555747348284,-105.28849382765684

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Telwin Marina


Located at: 53.81662799999999,-105.367905

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Rusty Anchor Marina

Boat launch Marina

Large marina with a paid boat launch and plenty of parking.

Located at: 53.75466983894234,-105.28539376103205

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Candle Lake Water Park

Water Park


Located at: 53.797966921780585,-105.32858054172416

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Minowukaw Lodge & Joe's Cabins Resort


Phone: (306) 929-4619

Located at: 53.780089,-105.160818

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Candle Lake Golf Resort

Golf Course

Phone: (306) 929-2211


Located at: 53.76654389999999,-105.2160829

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Telwin Subdivision

Boat launch Beach Marina Cabins

Located at: 53.81511577780188,-105.3745612114582

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Golf Course Subdivision

Boat launch Marina Cabins

Located at: 53.767524421082484,-105.22491521551

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Island View Subdivision

Beach Marina Cabins

Located at: 53.75919337548998,-105.29888430325259

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Depth Charts for Candle Lake


Fishing Zone: Central Zone
Parks: Candle Lake Provincial Park, Waskateena Beach Recreation Site
Location: 53.82266939761777, -105.2972722629512
Shore Length: 73km
Surface Area: 32,616 acres
Max Depth: 16.8 m (55 ft)
Inflows: Fisher Creek, Clearsand Creek, Hanin Creek
Outflows: Torch River
Communities: Candle Lake

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