Guide to Saskatchewan Lakes

Saskatchewan is home an incredible number of lakes, the number you'll often see reported is over 100,000. On this site we have pages and information about 5,948 of them!

Our lakes are very popular with residents and visitors for recreation. Every summer hundreds of thousands of people make the pilgrimage to cabins, campgrounds, beaches, and boat-launches across the province.

Sask lakes also serve a crucial role in providing water to industry and residents. Without the dams, canals and r reservoirs storing and providing water in southern Saskatchewan many of our lives would look very different. Many of the industries and cities we are familiar with wouldn't be here today.

Another critical and often over-looked role of our lakes is in protecting the environment. Lakes are crucial for many different species of animals and birds. Saskatchewan lakes provide nesting and breeding grounds for millions of birds every summer.

Looking for a specific lake

You can use our Lake Explorer to search for lakes by name, location, species of fish and much more! You can view the lakes on a map, and go to the individual lake pages to learn even more! A few example searches:

To view a list of all of the lakes group by letter you can visit our Lake Sitemap.