Northern Pike in Saskatchewan

Northern Pike (Esox lucius) is a very popular sports fish in Saskatchewan. They are very common and are widely distributed from the far north to the south of the province, and found in many lakes, reservoirs and rivers both large and small. We have records of them being reporting in 1,347 of the lakes on this site, and I'm sure they are in plenty more then that!

The Northern Pike can grow to be one of the larger fish in the province with recorded lengths of up to 59 inches (150 cm) and weights of up to 63 pounds (28.4 kg).

The name northern pike actually refers to the fish's resemblance to a 'pike', as in the pointed weapon. In Saskatchewan they are often commonly referred to as a 'jack' or 'jackfish'. You may also hear them called: 'slough shark', 'snake' 'slimer', and many other nicknames as well.

Fishing for Northern Pike in Saskatchewan


The limit for Northern Pike in Saskatchewan is 5 (only one may exceed 75 cm).

Where to fish for Northern Pike

Unlike some species here in the province you won't have to go far out of your way to find Northern Pike. Northern Pike are incredibly widespread across the province, you can find them just about anywhere in the province.

Northern Saskatchewan is word-famous for its Pike Fishing. Reindeer Lake, Lake Athabasca and Wollaston Lake are just a few of the lakes featuring big, hungry fish.

Fishing Records

The largest Northern Pike ever caught in Saskatchewan was a 55.5" monster weighing 47lb 5oz. It was caught on Mirond Lake in 2008.