Wollaston Lake

(ᒌᑲᐦᐃᑲᐣ ᓵᑲᐦᐃᑲᓂ (Woods Cree))

Wollaston Lake is the largest lake that is entirely within Saskatchewan. Lake Athabasca and Reindeer Lake are larger, but cross the border into Alberto and Manitoba respectively.

The lake is located about 550kms north of Prince Albert. The lake can be accessed by Highway 905 north from La Ronge, but is also frequently accessed by air.

Wollaston Lake is a popular fishing lake with many fishing lodges operating.

About Wollaston Lake

Fishing Zone: Northern Zone
Location: 58.17914860933096, -103.29333906933914
Shore Length: 2081km
Surface Area: 517,812 acres
Max Depth: 97 m (318 ft)
Inflows: Geikie River
Outflows: Fond du Lac River (10%) Cochrane River (90%)[1]

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Directions to Wollaston Lake


Fishing at Wollaston Lake

Wollaston Lake is in the northern fishing zone.

What fish are in Wollaston Lake

Arctic Grayling, Burbot, Cisco, Lake Trout, Lake Whitefish, Longnose Sucker, Northern Pike, Round Whitefish, Walleye, White Sucker and Yellow Perch can be found in Wollaston Lake. Learn all about fishing in Saskatchewan here.

Fishing Season

Fishing season on Wollaston Lake is open from May 25, 2023 to April 15, 2024.

Fishing Limits for Wollaston Lake

These are the limits for all fish species reported to be in Wollaston Lake. All fishing limits for Saskatchewan.
Species Limit
Arctic Grayling Limit 1
Lake Trout Limit 2 (Only one may exceed 65 cm)
Northern Pike Limit 3 (Only one may exceed 75 cm)
Walleye/Sauger/Saugeye Limit 2 (Only one may exceed 55 cm)

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Bathymetric (Depth) Charts for Wollaston Lake

Wollaston Lake Lodge

Phone: (800) 328-0628
Website: http://www.wollastonlakelodge.com/

Wilderness Family Outfitters

Phone: (800) 790-4341
Website: http://wildernessfamilyoutfitters.com/