How many lakes are there in Saskatchewan?

Over 100,000 lakes can be found here in the province! At least that's the number you'll often see reported. Many of these lakes are small and unnamed though. You can explore detailed information on over 6,000 lakes here at SaskLakes.

What is the biggest lake in Saskatchewan?

At an incredible 1,925,762 acres, Lake Athabasca is the largest lake in Saskatchewan and the 8th largest in Canada. 74% of the lake is within the province with the rest stretching into Alberta. Learn more about our largest lakes.

What is the saltiest lake in Saskatchewan?

Little Manitou Lake is so salty it's often referred to as the Dead Sea of Canada. Although it's only about half as salty as the real Dead Sea, that still makes it five times as salty as the ocean. It is the saltiest lake in Saskatchewan and worth a visit!

What is the deepest lake in Saskatchewan?

The very appropriately named Deep Bay on Reindeer Lake is the deepest spot in any lake in the province.. The bay is almost round and located in a massive impact crater. Not only is Deep Bay, incredibly deep, but if it were its own lake it would be large enough to be the 69th largest lake in Saskatchewan.