Lake Athabasca

Lake Athabasca is a massive lake located 194km ESE of Fort Smith in northern Saskatchewan. Arctic Grayling, Burbot, Cisco, Longnose Sucker, Northern Pike, Perch, Walleye, White Sucker and Whitefish can be found in Lake Athabasca.

The lake has a surface area of 1,925,762 acres and is located at: 59.12390134269241, -109.0187320460646.

Athabasca Sand Dunes Provincial Park is located on Lake Athabasca.

Things to do at Lake Athabasca

Lake Athabasca is a popular recreation destination with fishing, and much more available!

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Lake Athabasca is a popular fishing destination. Arctic Grayling, Burbot, Cisco, Longnose Sucker, Northern Pike, Perch, Walleye, White Sucker and Whitefish are found in the lake.

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About Lake Athabasca

The lake was officially named on 1983-11-23. The name Lake Athabasca is of Plains Cree origin.

Lake Athabasca was previously known as:

  • Lake Athabaska from 1950-07-06 to 1983-11-23.

Bays on Lake Athabasca

There are 41 bays on Lake Athabasca.

  • Adair Bay (Surface Area: 1565 acres)
  • Barritt Bay
  • Black Bay (Surface Area: 34516 acres)
  • Brochet Bay (Surface Area: 5273 acres)
  • Cantara Bay (Surface Area: 5077 acres)
  • Chapman Bay
  • Cornwall Bay
  • Crackingstone Inlet
  • Dardier Bay
  • Davies Bay
  • Dempsey Bay (Surface Area: 504 acres)
  • Erickson Inlet
  • Fearey Bay (Surface Area: 116 acres)
  • Ferguson Bay
  • Fond du Lac (Surface Area: 13677 acres)
  • Ford Bay
  • Grease Bay (Surface Area: 1885 acres)
  • Grouse Bay
  • Heinen Bay
  • Island Bay
  • Jug Bay
  • Lambert Bay
  • Langley Bay
  • Lodge Bay
  • Maurice Bay
  • Metos Bay (Surface Area: 3451 acres)
  • Narrow Bay
  • Neil Bay
  • Norite Bay
  • Otherside Bay
  • Picnic Bay
  • Polowich Bay
  • Robillard Bay (Surface Area: 813 acres)
  • Sandy Bay (Surface Area: 5186 acres)
  • Sciban Bay
  • Sharp Bay
  • Shasko Bay
  • Spring Bay
  • Sucker Bay
  • Thomson Bay
  • Wasahaw Bay

Islands on Lake Athabasca

There are 66 islands on Lake Athabasca.

  • Anderson Island (Surface Area: 38 acres)
  • Andrews Island (Surface Area: 31 acres)
  • Assaf Islands
  • Beartooth Island (Surface Area: 63 acres)
  • Beaverlodge Island (Surface Area: 93 acres)
  • Bigfowl Island (Surface Area: 85 acres)
  • Bond Island (Surface Area: 232 acres)
  • Bryer Island (Surface Area: 22 acres)
  • Cairns Island (Surface Area: 200 acres)
  • Cameron Island (Surface Area: 505 acres)
  • Charlot Island (Surface Area: 839 acres)
  • Christie Island (Surface Area: 74 acres)
  • Clark Island (Surface Area: 279 acres)
  • Cody Island (Surface Area: 132 acres)
  • Course Island (Surface Area: 411 acres)
  • Dardier Island (Surface Area: 184 acres)
  • Davie Island (Surface Area: 2 acres)
  • Devlin Island (Surface Area: 127 acres)
  • Duffy Island (Surface Area: 77 acres)
  • Elto Island (Surface Area: 125 acres)
  • Flat Rock Island (Surface Area: 56 acres)
  • Foster Island (Surface Area: 248 acres)
  • Freeston Island (Surface Area: 68 acres)
  • Garner Island (Surface Area: 59 acres)
  • Grouse Island (Surface Area: 2160 acres)
  • Halfmoon Island (Surface Area: 17 acres)
  • Halifax Island (Surface Area: 70 acres)
  • Hanson Island (Surface Area: 47 acres)
  • Harkness Islands
  • Harmon Island (Surface Area: 147 acres)
  • Hughes Island (Surface Area: 110 acres)
  • Isle Brochet (Surface Area: 951 acres)
  • Johnston Island (Surface Area: 2348 acres)
  • Konsmo Island (Surface Area: 33 acres)
  • Kookoos Island (Surface Area: 37 acres)
  • Lobstick Island (Surface Area: 647 acres)
  • Long Island (Surface Area: 802 acres)
  • Mahood Island (Surface Area: 155 acres)
  • Marchant Island (Surface Area: 79 acres)
  • McLean Islands
  • Miseyao Island (Surface Area: 25 acres)
  • Moose Island (Surface Area: 575 acres)
  • Mudford Island (Surface Area: 33 acres)
  • Nicol Island (Surface Area: 205 acres)
  • Nistewuk Islands
  • Oldman Island (Surface Area: 277 acres)
  • Olson Island (Surface Area: 207 acres)
  • Pebble Island (Surface Area: 7 acres)
  • Pedersen Island (Surface Area: 87 acres)
  • Peters Island (Surface Area: 39 acres)
  • Pupuskew Islands
  • Ramstaad Island (Surface Area: 278 acres)
  • Ross Island (Surface Area: 47 acres)
  • Singed Dog Island (Surface Area: 10 acres)
  • Skeates Island (Surface Area: 52 acres)
  • Slate Island (Surface Area: 33 acres)
  • Smith-Windsor Islands
  • Stead Island (Surface Area: 54 acres)
  • Steeden Island (Surface Area: 53 acres)
  • Stewart Island (Surface Area: 686 acres)
  • Thomson Island (Surface Area: 107 acres)
  • Tulloch Islands
  • Ulley Island (Surface Area: 67 acres)
  • Welsh Island (Surface Area: 54 acres)
  • Wesson Island (Surface Area: 69 acres)
  • Zapfe Island (Surface Area: 49 acres)

How to get to Lake Athabasca

Activities at Lake Athabasca

Fishing at Lake Athabasca

Lake Athabasca is in the northern fishing zone.

Available Species

Arctic Grayling, Burbot, Cisco, Longnose Sucker, Northern Pike, Perch, Walleye, White Sucker and Whitefish can be found in Lake Athabasca. Learn all about fishing in Saskatchewan here.

Fishing Season

Fishing season on Lake Athabasca is open from May 25, 2023 to March 31, 2024.

Fishing Limits for Lake Athabasca

These are the limits for all fish species reported to be in Lake Athabasca. All fishing limits for Saskatchewan.
Species Limit
Arctic Grayling Limit 2, only one may exceed 35 cm
Burbot Limit 8
Northern Pike Limit 5, only one may exceed 75 cm
Perch Limit 25
Whitefish Limit 8
Walleye/Sauger/Saugeye Limit 4, only one may exceed 55 cm

Attractions at Lake Athabasca

Athabasca Sand Dunes Provincial Park

Depth Charts for Lake Athabasca


Fishing Zone: Northern Zone
Park: Athabasca Sand Dunes Provincial Park
Location: 59.12390134269241, -109.0187320460646
Shore Length: 1611km
Surface Area: 1,925,762 acres
Max Width: 50 km (31 mi)
Max Length: 283 km (176 mi)
Max Depth: 124 m (407 ft)
Inflows: Peace River, which backs up through Rivière des Rochers during flooding, Athabasca River, William River, MacFarlane River, Colin River, Fond du Lac River,
Outflows: Rivière des Rochers that meets with the Peace to form the Slave
Communities: Fort Chipewyan, Uranium City, Camsell Portage, Fond du Lac

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