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Bug Lake is a small lake located 71km NNE of Candle Lake (Village) and 140km NNE of Prince Albert. The lake has a surface area of 123 acres and is located at: 54.33021412431193,-104.69768190809823.

The lake is in the central fishing zone. Northern Pike can be found in Bug Lake.

There are no parks or communities on the lake.

Cub Hills Game Preserve is 24km NW, East Trout-Nipekamew Lakes Recreation Site is 19km E, Little Bear Lake Recreation Site is 3.5km NNW, 106-Narrow Lake-120 Road Corridor Game Preserve is 6.7km NW, Piprell Lake Recreation Site is 24km NE, Narrow Hills Provincial Park is 33km NNW and Clarence - Steepbank Lakes Provincial Park is 23km ENE of Bug Lake.

The lake was officially named on 1952-03-06.

About Bug Lake

Fishing Zone: Central Zone
Location: 54.33021412431193, -104.69768190809823
Shore Length: 3km
Surface Area: 123 acres

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How to get to Bug Lake

Fishing at Bug Lake

Bug Lake is in the central fishing zone.

What fish are in Bug Lake

Northern Pike can be found in Bug Lake. Learn all about fishing in Saskatchewan here.

Fishing Season

Fishing season on Bug Lake is open from May 15, 2023 to March 31, 2024.

Fishing Limits for Bug Lake

These are the limits for all fish species reported to be in Bug Lake. All fishing limits for Saskatchewan.
Species Limit
Northern Pike Limit 5, only one may exceed 75 cm