Beatty Lake

Beatty Lake is a very small (61 acre) lake located 23km NNW of Green Lake (Village) and 57km NE of Meadow Lake (City).

The lake was officially named on 1987-12-21.

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Fishing Zone: Central Zone
Location: 54.5167526, -107.8840303
Surface Area: 61 acres
Max Depth: 10.4 m (34 ft)

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Directions to Beatty Lake

Accessible from the Hanson Lake Road.

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Fishing at Beatty Lake

Beatty Lake is in the central fishing zone.

What fish are in Beatty Lake

Splake can be found in Beatty Lake.

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Fishing Season

Fishing season on Beatty Lake is open from May 15, 2024 to March 31, 2025. The season for Stocked Trout is Open All Year.

Additional Restrictions:

Fishing Limits for Beatty Lake

These are the limits for all fish species reported to be in Beatty Lake. All fishing limits for Saskatchewan.
Species Limit
Stocked Trout Limit 5, all species combined

Boating at Beatty Lake

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Camping at Beatty Lake

There is 1 campground at Beatty Lake.

Beaches at Beatty Lake

I don't have any beaches reported for this lake. Let me know if I'm missing one!

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Beatty Lake Campground

Beatty Lake Campground is located at Beatty Lake.


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