Beartrack Lake

Beartrack Lake is a small lake located 40km E of Big River in central Saskatchewan.

The lake has a surface area of 133 acres and is located at: 53.86959132664502, -106.43644269198771.

Beartrack Lake is located within Prince Albert National Park.

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Fishing at Beartrack Lake

Beartrack Lake is in the central fishing zone but since this lake is in the National Park different fishing limits and license requirements apply.

Fishing season on Beartrack Lake is open from Victoria Day to September 30.

According to the official website the season actually begins on the Saturday immediately preceding Victoria Day. When the last day of the season falls on a Friday or Saturday, the season ends on the Sunday immediately following the Friday or Saturday.

Fishing Limits for Beartrack Lake within Prince Albert National Park

Species Limit
Northern Pike Limit 3
Walleye Limit 2
Lake Trout Limit 1
Whitefish Limit 5

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Prince Albert National Park

Beartrack Lake is located within Prince Albert National Park.

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Fishing Zone: Central Zone
Park: Prince Albert National Park
Location: 53.86959132664502, -106.43644269198771
Shore Length: 3km
Surface Area: 133 acres

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