Andrew Lake

Andrew Lake is a medium sized lake named after Elmer Roy Andrew located 261km NW of Lynn Lake (Town) in northern Saskatchewan.

The lake has a surface area of 682 acres and is located at: 58.18872063927375, -104.6320863587863.

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Fishing at Andrew Lake

Andrew Lake is in the northern fishing zone.

Available Species

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Fishing Season

Fishing season on Andrew Lake is open from May 25, 2023 to March 31, 2024.

Fishing Limits for Andrew Lake

Species Limit
Arctic Grayling Limit 2, only one may exceed 35 cm
Bigmouth Buffalo Limit 0
Burbot Limit 8
Channel Catfish Limit 1, which cannot exceed 60 cm
Goldeye Limit 8
Lake Trout Limit 3, only one may exceed 65 cm
Largemouth Bass Limit 2
Mooneye Limit 8
Northern Pike Limit 5, only one may exceed 75 cm
Perch Limit 25
Rock Bass Limit 6
Sauger Limit 4, only one may exceed 55 cm
Saugeye Limit 4, only one may exceed 55 cm
Smallmouth Bass Limit 0
Stocked Trout Limit 5, all species combined
Sturgeon Limit 0
Walleye Limit 4, only one may exceed 55 cm
Whitefish Limit 8


Fishing Zone: Northern Zone
Location: 58.18872063927375, -104.6320863587863
Shore Length: 13km
Surface Area: 682 acres

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